The Bay Area Alliance for Youth and Families is a community coalition that has been serving the Bay Area of Houston for more than 13 years. 

Our mission statement is to “unite and mobilize a community to create an alcohol and drug-free future for our youth.” 

In 2011, the Alliance began a fundraiser called CRAZY Krewe.  CRAZY was an acronym – Creating Resilient Aware Zealous Youth – and started with a 7K Run or 3K Walk over the NASA Bypass and ended at Clear View HS with a family friendly festival for participants and the community in general.

The Alliance has seen much growth in the last 6 years and now has a campaign entitled “Be the Reason” in which they encourage parents to be the reason their kids don’t drink.  The Executive Board began to brainstorm ideas to make this fundraiser more closely tie with the mission and vision of the Alliance. 

At the suggestion of an Alliance member, the Executive Board also voted to create a Car Show to partner with the run – which brought about the new name, “On the Road for a Reason.”  We hope you’ll be able to be part of this exciting new event!!

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